• Accessories


    <p><strong>Hot:</strong></p> <p><strong>Add that little personal touch with accessories.  Like Decorative Metal Plant Stands, Artificial Silk Boxwood Balls, Philo Leaves in a glass container.</strong><br />Decorate Your Home with these great priced Decorating <strong>Accessories</strong>! At these Prices you can buy Accessories for you and for a friend!</p>
  • Artificial Outdoor

    Artificial Outdoor

    <p><strong>Must Have:</strong></p> <p><strong>Artificial Plants, Artificial Trees, Artificial Shrubs, Artificial Grasses, Artificial Hedges/Panels/Columns</strong> for outdoor/indoor use.</p> <p>Think Global! Think Green! Waterless plantscaping for indoors and outdoors. <strong>Artificial Plants</strong> Eco Friendly and Low Maintenance.</p>
  • Artificial Bonsai

    Artificial Bonsai

    <p>The word bonsai simply means plant in a tray in Japanese. But anyone who has seen bonsai specimens of any quality will know that they're much more than that. Sometimes called living sculptures or silent poems, these miniaturized trees are both a horticultural discipline and a refined artistic pursuit. The best bonsai evoke the strength, beauty, and character of large mature trees; a piece of wilderness in a small package. Many of the oldest and most venerated bonsai were collected from the wild. Known as yamadori, these trees are pre-sculpted by nature herself, and display forms not always replicatable by human hands. The oldest known bonsai is estimated to be nearly 1,200 years old. Talk about your garden outliving you.</p>
  • Artificial Arrangements

    Artificial Arrangements

    <p><strong>Trending:</strong></p> <p>Quality <strong>Artificial Silk Arrangements</strong> that will add color and provide years of enjoyment for your own personal use or to buy as a gift for someone.</p>
  • Artificial Cactus

    Artificial Cactus

    <p>Artificial, Silk or Faux PVC Cactus can be used for Indoor as well as Outdoor landscaping.  Create your own cactus garden!</p>
  • Artificial Flowering

    Artificial Flowering

    <p><strong>Really:</strong></p> <p>Add some color to your life with these botancially correct <strong>Artificial Silk flowering Plants, Trees and Bushes</strong>.</p>
  • Artificial Ivies

    Artificial Ivies

    <p><strong>Popular:</strong></p> <p>Accent your cupboards, niches, ledges, tables or anywhere you need a "Touch of Greenery" with our wonderful assortment of Artificial, Silk, Faux Ivies.</p>
  • Artificial Palms

    Artificial Palms

    <p><strong>Popular:</strong></p> <p>Create a Tropical Paradise with our wonderful assortment of <strong>Artificial Silk Palm Plants</strong> and <strong>Trees</strong>! Choose either large or small <strong>Artificial Silk Palm Plants</strong> or <strong>Trees</strong>.  Some photos illustrate a more Decorative Container which is not included as a standard item. However, All plants are potted in an artificial terra cotta colored container.</p>
  • Artificial Plants

    Artificial Plants

    <p>Make a "House" a "Home" by Adding Large or Small <strong>Artificial Silk Plant(s)</strong> to every room either indoor or outdoor from our wonderful selection of Artificial <strong>Silk Plants</strong>.</p>
  • Artificial Trees

    Artificial Trees

    <p><strong>Hot:</strong></p> <p>All our <strong>Artificial Silk Trees Large and Small</strong> are designed and custom made in our warehouses which ensures quality control. All our <strong>Artificial Silk Large and Small Natural Wood Trees</strong> are constructed from Assorted North American Woods. All <strong>Large and Small Silk Artificial Trees</strong> are constructed from the highest quality foliage to give the most Natural Looking Appearance. For a more detailed view of the leaves please go to our Tree Making Parts.</p>
  • Tree Making Parts

    Tree Making Parts

    <p><strong>Artificial Silk Tree Parts</strong> that are used to make <strong>Artificicial Silk Trees</strong> and <strong>Artificial Silk Palms</strong> large and small. Choose Your <strong>Artificial Silk Leaves</strong> and we will custom build your Artificial Silk Trees to Your needs.</p>
  • Clear Outs

    Clear Outs

    <p><strong>Cool:</strong></p> <p>Great Selection of Artificial Silk Plants, Artificial Silk Flowering Plants, Artificial Silk Flowering Bushes, Artificial Plastic Fruit/Vegetables, Artificial Ivies, Artificial Grasses, Under 20.00 Dollars of Great Gift Giving Ideas.</p>


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