68 inch Artificial Silk Cherry Blossom Tree Custom Made on Natural Wood

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68 inch Artificial Silk Cherry Blossom Tree Custom Made on Natural Wood for Home or Office. Manufactured by SILKPLANTSCANADA. Made in Canada.

68 inch Artificial Silk Cherry Blossom Tree Custom Made for Home or Office

This 68" Artificial Silk Cherry Tree is handcrafted by one of our artisians and boasts pink blossoms amongst the natural wood trunks. The 68" Artificial Silk Cherry Tree comes potted in an artificial terra cotta base.

Asian Cherry Blossom
Cherry blossoms are indigenous to Asian countries. Japan gifted these trees to the US in 1912. There are many ways in which the Asian cherry blossom is interpreted, that inspires poets to sing about their beauty. Its meaning is different in the both Chinese as well as Japanese culture. This is because these two cultures are wide apart and the significance this flower holds in both countries is different. Let us have a look at the meaning of this tree according to the Chinese as well as Japanese culture.

Cherry Blossom Meaning in Japan
The Japanese cherry blossom is interpreted as 'transient of life'. This is because the cherry blossom tree has short blooming periods and are very fragile. There is an old story attached to cherry blossoms that values sacrifice. It is said, that there is an Jiu-roku-zakura (the Cherry tree of the Sixteenth day), in the Iyo district. This tree grew on the lands of a Samurai for over a hundred years. When the Samurai became old, the tree began to die. The Samurai was very sad-looking at his cherished tree die. He was a brave and honorable man. Thus, he thought up of a way to save the tree's life. He sat under the tree and committed the ritual suicide under the tree. This act gave the essence of the Samurai's life to the tree. The tree within one hour of the Samurai's death, on the 16th day of the month, began to blossom flowers and continues to live even today. Thus, the cherry blossom tree meaning holds many spiritual beliefs. These beliefs are set in deep within the fundamental teachings of Buddha.

A fallen cherry blossom flower meaning also holds many emotional connections within the minds of Japanese. A fallen cherry blossom is a symbolic representation of a fallen Samurai. Each fallen cherry blossom is a representative of a Samurai who lost his life in battle. Kamikaze pilots used cherry blossoms as a symbol of their missions. These Japanese pilots would paint the sides of their planes with a cherry blossom. Its meaning in their words was ephemerality of life. This was in association with the falling petals of the flowers. It represented the sacrifice of life a young Japanese made for his country. People also believed the cherry blossoms were the souls of the warriors who lost their lives in battle. This was about the meaning of cherry blossom in Japan. Let us now have a look at the cherry blossom meaning in China.

Cherry Blossom Meaning in China
The cherry blossom signifies power in China. A cherry blossom in Chinese culture is a symbol of feminine dominance. It indicates female beauty and sexuality. Its meaning in China according to the language of herbs is love. Therefore, it is given as a gift in China as a symbol of love.

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