68 inch Artificial Silk Dogwood Tree Custom Made on Natural Wood

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68 inch Artificial Silk Dogwood Tree Custom Made on Natural Wood for Home or Office. Manufactured by SILKPLANTSCANADA. Made in Canada.

68 inch Artificial Silk Dogwood Blossom Tree Custom Made on Natural Wood for Home or Office

The 68 inch Artificial Silk Dogwood Tree on Natural Wood adds color to any decor.

Growth of the Dogwood Tree. The Christian dogwood tradition claims that the dogwood tree once grew tall and strong. The Romans chose the wood of a dogwood tree to construct the cross for the crucifixion of Jesus. The tree suffered and was ashamed to have been chosen, so Jesus promised the tree that it would never grow large enough to every serve such a purpose again. The small stature and twisted branches of the dogwood tree symbolize and fulfill the promise that the legend says Jesus gave to the tree.

Flowers of the 68 inch Artificial Silk Dogwood Tree

Combined, the four bracts of a dogwood tree take the shape of a cross. The bracts resemble petals, but they are not true petals. At the end of each bract are rust-colored dots that symbolize the bloody nails of the cross. The spikes at the center of the blossom symbolize the crown of thorns Jesus wore during the crucifixion.

Color for the Artificial Silk Dogwood Flowers

White has been a symbol of purity and innocence for centuries, so the white dogwood blooms represent the purity of Christ. When a dogwood blooms pink, the legend says that the tree is showing its shame at being the tree used in such a manner. A pink tree is blushing to show its shame, symbolizing the sorrow of nature for the events.

68 inch Artificial Silk Dogwood Trees in Poetry

There is a poem connected with the symbolic meaning of a dogwood tree, but there is no attribution given as to whom the author may be. It details the use of the tree during the crucifixion as well as the resulting curse and the shape of the blossoms. Whether the poem is simply part of the legend or was put together to further demonstrate the symbolic meaning is not known. What can be taken away from this poem and the legend itself is that the dogwood tree does indeed bloom during the Easter season, its growth pattern is stunted and its blossoms do resemble the cross.

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