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SilkPlantsCanada.com (established in 1992) was one of the first companies in Canada to enter the world of the internet allowing everyone to have access to the finest artificial plants and trees that we had provided in our stores but now offer the convenience of secure shopping from the comforts of your home and office.

SilkPlantsCanada.com is a division of Dr. Plant Tropical Foliage Corporation (established in 1979).

When you form an association with SilkPlantsCanada, you acquire all the benefits of over 30 years in decorating residential and commercial projects with SilkPlantsCanada and accessories. As with all components of your interior design, the perfect choice and positioning of silk foliage and accessories are vital. Our professional staff will help you choose plants for their shape and personality, which will ensure an aesthetically pleasing environment. 

Both companies comes highly recommended by architects, designers, and decorators for quality products, service and selection.

SilkPlantsCanada.com will work with your interior designer/decorator or architect to achieve a harmonious setting with these natural-looking reproductions to accent Offices, Restaurants, Resorts & Spas, Hotels, Motels, Civic Centers, Recreational Centers, Museums, Retirement Centers, Shopping Malls, Casinos, Banks, Commercial Projects, Atriums, Foyers, Funeral Homes, Schools, and Churches, Showrooms, Trade Shows, Movies, and of course your own Home and Extended Living Space.