6 Foot Bamboo Silver Silk Palm Tree Custom Made on Natural Wood

6 Foot Artificial Silk Bamboo Silver Palm Tree  Custom Made on Natural Wood and Manufactured by SILKPLANTSCANADA.

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6 Foot Artificial Silk Bamboo Palm Tree in Silver Custom Made on Natural Wood for Home or Office

This Hand Crafted 6 Foot Artificial Silk Silver Colored Bamboo Palm Tree with Silver Bamboo Sprays on Black Bamboo Poles creates a great accessory for a contemporary office.

According to Bamboo Tree Meaning there is an association with good luck and wealth. The erect green plant also connotes success, prosperity and protection from evil. In India, bamboo signifies friendship.  Bamboo leaves seen from a distance appear to cross over each other to create what looks like the Chinese character called "an," which means "tranquility," according to Living Arts Originals. Travelers in ancient China often included a bamboo leaf in letters to signify well-being.

Many Chinese myths include bamboo. In the tale of the Four Gentlemen representing the four seasons of the year, bamboo signifies summer and welcome, according to Living Arts Originals. The combination of its rigid, upright growth and the flexibility to bend in the wind represent the balance of Yin and Yang, of beauty and strength.

Bamboo's ability to survive strong winds and return to its normal erect growth is used as an inspiration to cope with adversity.

6 Foot Artificial/Silk Silver Bamboo Palm Tree comes Potted in an artificial container topped with real moss.

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