Canadian Maple Silk Tree 6 Foot Custom Made on Natural Wood

Artificial/Silk Canadian Maple Silk Tree Custom Made 6 Foot Manufactured by SilkPlantsCanada

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Canadian Maple-6 Foot
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6 Foot Artificial Silk Canadian Maple Tree Custom Made on Natural Wood for Home or Office

The 6 Foot Artificial Silk Canadian Maple Trees are handcrafted by are on staff artisans.  Each one of these 6 Foot Artificial Silk Canadian Maple Trees are created according to the characteristics of the Natural Wood Stalks.   The result is a very realistic duplicate of the live specimen and truly represents the True indigenous 6 Foot Artificial Silk Canadian Maple Trees

Works well in common areas;foyers, shopping malls, etc.  We ONLY use woods that are specifically grown for our trade!.  The 6 Foot Artificial/Silk Canadian Maple Trees on Natural Wood is potted in plaster paris base topped with real moss.

One of the most widely recognized trees in Canada's temperate forests is the Maple Tree. The maple is a common symbol of strength and endurance and has been chosen as the national tree of many countries including Canada.

Our Flag and Emblem:

In 1965, the Maple Leaf became the centre-piece of Canada's national flag. It has become the most prominent symbol of Canada, nationally and internationally. Canadians traveling abroad commonly wear Maple Leaf pins. Although the maple leaf has been closely associated with Canada for many decades, the maple tree was not officially recognized as Canada's arboreal emblem until 1996. The design of the arboreal emblem is a generic maple leaf representing the ten species native to Canada.

Please note:  Image shown of a 6 Foot Artificial Silk Canadian Maple Tree on Natural Wood.

This is a sample therefore one only available at this special price.

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Canadian Maple-6 Foot

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