5 Foot Birch Silver Silk Tree Custom Made on Natural Wood

5 Foot Artificial Silk Birch Silver Silk Tree Custom Made on Natural Wood and Manufactured by SILKPLANTSCANADA.

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Birch Tree Silver 5 Foot 5525
Gloria Lozinski in Kelowna, BC on Houzz
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5 Foot Artificial Birch Silver in Color Custom Made on Natural Wood for Home or Office

The 5 Foot Artificial Birch Tree on Natural Wood is Custom Made in Canada by one of our many artisans using wood that is grown specially for our Industry. The leaves of the 5 Foot Artificial Birch Tree are two tone green with rust which adds a "touch of color" to your decor. The 5 Foot Artificial Birch Tree comes potted in a solid base with an artificial terra cotta pot filled with real moss.

The Artificial Birch Trees on Natural Wood are a landscaper's prize specimen. In addition to possessing a number of attractive qualities, including colored bark, graceful branches; Birch Trees are enchanting trees that embody beauty and grace.
Just as the height of the tree varies among species, so do the Birch's other characteristics:

  • Leaves: The leaves of the Birch tree are typically oval to elliptical-shaped.
  • Bark: Birch trees are known for their unique bark. All Birches, except for the Gray Birch, feature peeling barks. The thin bark peels off in long strips. Another identifying trait of Birch Tree bark is its color. The young Paper Birch starts off brown but turns chalky white as it ages. We only sell the Young Birch with brown trunks.
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Birch Tree Silver 5 Foot 5525

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