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The Best Artificial Silk Plant Order I have Taken To Date

Posted on2 Year ago by

The Best Artificial Silk Plant Order I have Taken To Date

We have taken a lot of orders over the years. Not only Internationally but Globally. The most memorable one to date will be the call that I received from an interpreter for a blind person asking if I would accept the call and her name is Marcia.

Wow! Yes of course. After introductions were made Marcia had some questions about our products, sizes, colors, and packaging as she lived in Florida USA which is a long way from Kelowna, BC. Canada. After we could answer her questions and figure out the exchange rate she placed her order. I said that I would send her an invoice and then I would follow up with an email for a tracking number. Well a couple days had passed and she did not receive an invoice from me with a tracking number. So, she followed up with another call through another interpreter. I apologized that we had gotten a bit behind so she wanted to know if it was too late to add to the order. No of course I replied we can still accommodate your changes. Marcia had questions about our geranium hanging baskets. What colors were available, sizes, packaging and what would be the exchange rate be as it fluctuates. Again, we could answer these questions and she placed her order. I sent her invoices as soon as we had finished our conversation and within a few days I followed up with tracking numbers for her orders.

I also personally thanked the interpreters for relaying our conversation in exactly the same tone and expression as we both had intended.

After sharing this amazing experience with friends one gal suggested that I should post this on LinkedIn and share my story and make others aware of this great service that is available.

Images of products that Marcia had ordered from us.

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