Artificial PVC Grass/CottonWood/Boxwood/Achillea Flowering Plant

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Artificial Silk Cottonwood/Grass/Boxwood/Achillea

Artificial Silk /Grass/Cottonwood/Boxwood/Achillea

This is a great PVC Arrangement of Cottonwood/Grass/Boxwood/Achillea mix which is potted in a deco metal container with 2 round metal handles. The purple tones of the Achillea Mix compliments the wooden tone in the metal container.

The Artificial Silk Cottonwood/Grass/Boxwood/Achillea arrangement could be placed in ensuites, kitchens, campers and yes boats as well.

Since the container is metal you are able to spray paint the container to coordinate with your color scheme.

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