Setting Up Artificial Silk Plants from Silk Plants Canada Potting, Assembly, and Shaping Your Artificial Silk Plants


You are now the proud owner of an original creation from Silk Plants Canada.

We have made the plants(s)as compact as possible for shipping, therefore, you may have to rearrange some of the branches or leaves of the trees and/or plants to have your greenery looking as natural as possible.  Please note that you may also adjust the branches or leaves of the trees and or/or plants ensuring that your greenery is esthetically pleasing to the area(s) that you are placing them in.  Please Note:  That plants placed in extremely high winds will sustain some wear and tear.


Most of our products come potted in pottery plaster with an artificial terra cotta pot with a bag of real moss. Simply place your artificial silk plant, artificial silk custom made tree or palm in the decorative pot and top with real moss and place your new plant in its new home.


Most palm trees come with fronds and a trunk with frond openings.  As a general rule, smaller fronds go towards the bottom, and larger (longer) fronds will go towards the top to get maximum height and to achieve maximum width. (i.e. Areca Palm, Bamboo Palm, Kentia Palm, etc.)  whereas the Phoenix Palms may have a single frond “head” which simply plugs into the top of the tree trunk.  It’s a great idea to refer to the original product picture on the internet when assembling your artificial tree for reference. 


There will be a minimal amount of shaping.  However, you may shape the branches by starting near the trunk or main stem and working your way to the end of the frond or leaf, gently bending as you go, creating a slight downward curve on the lowest branches of the plant to a slight upward angle toward the top branches.  By slightly staggering the tips around the branch of your silk plants, your tree will have a fuller look.  Again, referring to the original item picture will help greatly in this process.

How an Artificial Plant or Artificial Tree is Measured

In keeping with industry standards, Artificial Plants, Artificial Trees, and Flowering Plants that come potted are measured from the floor to the outstretched tip on the top (including the pot).  Artificial Plants, Artificial Trees, and Artificial Flowering Plants or Artificial Flowers that do not include a pot are measured from the base of the stem to the outstretched tip on the top.

An Artificial Tree is 6'(72") High, we are measuring from the bottom of the container or tree trunk to the top of the tree, extending the longest leaf or frond as we measure. For Artificial Hanging Bush vines the length is the longest hanging stem measured when it is fully extended. When we specify that an Artificial Plant is 3'(36”) Wide, we measure the plant with the leaves or stems extended to the sides. You may shape these Artificial Plants and Artificial Trees to accommodate your space.

Floral Arrangement measurements are more exact as these are pre-arranged and do not change shape after being created in height or in width.

Thank you for your order.  We appreciate it!

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