Cedar Bonsai 9 inch

CA$40.00 CA$49.99 -CA$11.19
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I knew exactly what I wanted and this was the Canadian site where I found it. I am impressed by the quality and happy with the speed of delivery. I would love to share a pic of my mini fairy garden for which I wanted an artificial bonsai, if there is a way to share it.
Close up this bonsai will not fool you into thinking it is real, but from a short distance away it is perfect. It came in a little planter, but I removed it from that, laid it in plaster in a small black bowl ( with a bit of fake soil on top ) and sat a small jade budha under the tree. I then place the small black bowl into a larger black bowl and placed black,white, and clear stones in between the two bowls... it looks FABULOUS !
I am very satisfied with me little bonsai, looks really pretty, very good quality, thank you!
First congratulations must go to the staff at Silk Plants Canada for their outstanding help and speed of shipping. I was actually quite impressed with this bonsai. It arrived in perfect condition and was extremely well packaged. My three star rating is based on the fact that this is clearly an artificial plant and will never be confused with the real thing. My second problem was with the high cost of shipping. I was aware of shipping costs before hand and really did want the bonsai, was willing to pay the shipping cost and overall I was pleased. I would much rather see a minimum order amout for free shipping then pay close to 40% shipping cost. I do live in Quebec which is far from B.C. but I had to rate this overall purchase one star less because of freight costs. The bottom line is, if you\'re looking for a well made artificial bonsai plant, you won\'t go wrong with this one.
Unfortunately, the shipping costs are so high that I cancelled my order. 25.00 shipping for a small bonsai tree from Vancouver to New Brunswick.


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